Packing is an important stage of your move, so your belongings stay safe in transit to their destination.

At Gronows, our staff are trained in packing your items carefully and efficiently, to give you peace of mind during your move. We offer a range of packing services to our clients.

Full Pack - Our staff will pack all your personal belongings professionally into boxes before the move, ensuring everything is safe and secure for the journey.

Partial Pack - Let us take care of your kitchenware, glass, crystal and ornaments so nothing will be damaged in the move. We can supply you with quality packing materials so you can take care of linen, blankets, clothes, books, and other personal belongings.

Un-Packing - Gronows also offer an unpacking service when they arrive at your destination, from unpacking your items onto flat surfaces, to a full valet service, where we unpack your belongings and put them away into them away into your cupboards.

To assist with your own packing needs, we also sell various packing materials:

    - Standard Carton – (45cm x 45cm x 68cm)
    - Book Carton – suitable for heavier items, ie. books, magazines (40cm x 30cm x 45cm)
    - Port-A-Robe – to hang garments, so your clothing arrives crease-free (60cm x 50cm x 114cm)
    - Picture Frame Carton
    - Flat Screen TV Cartons (medium & large)
    - Plastic covers for mattresses, couches, chairs
    - Packing (white butcher’s) paper
    - Packing tape

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